Global YWAM Conference

In 1960 the Lord led Loren Cunningham to start Youth With A Mission. Together with his wife Darlene they started on an adventure of release a new wave of missionaries that would be from ALL the nations to go into ALL the nations.

Now in 2017, 57 years later we are over 25.000 full time missionaries and hundreds of thousands are trained every year through the University of the Nations which was started in 1978 in Kona Hawaii.

The Lord spoke to Loren to start a University to train and equip missionaries for the task to reach the ALL in every form a way.

To preach the gospel, to present Jesus to this generation, to translate the Word of God into every language, to distribute bibles to ALL people everywhere so they can read His word to them in their own mother tongue.

This is what we are part of. About twenty five years into this adventure Loren together with his sister Janice decided to write the story down of how Youth With A Mission started and the first book was released about hearing God's voice.

It definitely was God as since 1960 we have trusted the voice of God into all kinds of adventures. Giacomo and myself together with our children have been part of this adventure called YWAM since 1995 and since our wedding in 1998 we have not stopped serving and are still going today.

Giacomo has had the amazing privilege to travel together with Loren Cunningham, translating for him at different International events and gatherings.

Every few years we have an international Global Conference where all YWAM missionaries as well as students of the University of the Nations come together to seek God on how to move forward in the next years.

This coming September we will be gathering again right here in San Jose Costa Rica and we have the amazing honor to host this event. Leaders from all over the world as well as our founders and many leaders who have been part of this adventure of YWAM since the early beginnings will be coming to Costa Rica the first week of September to seek the Lord together, study His Word and receive fresh insight and revelation on how to keep the mission moving forward in the way the Lord has always led us, through hearing His voice and walking in radical obedience.

Our vision here in San Jose is to develop a big University of the Nations campus in which we train and equip the new generation to become not only strong followers of Jesus Christ, but also becoming the leaders of today in every category of life and society, founded on the Word of God with a solid foundation build on Jesus Christ.

Since our start in July 2004 we have several hundreds of students go through our training schools, but we want more, we want thousands to go through our training schools to be discipled in the Word of God, to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ and who are willing to go to the ends of the earth to spread the Gospel as we are commanded to do in Matthew 28.

You are part of this. Your support to our family and ministry is helping us train and equip hundreds of students (young people) with the truth of the Gospel, equipping them with tools to present Jesus to this generation through the different means and talents they are given.

As we are preparing for the conference we are also looking forward to prepare for the next big wave of students and for this we are in need of a better property, we have outgrown the one we are on and it is too old to keep fixing.

Would you stand with us as we embark on an adventure to ask the Lord to release our own property on which we can develop the University of the Nations San Jose Costa Rica Campus.

We need not only financial breakthrough for this, but we also need prayer to find the right place and for that to be released to us.

Thank you for standing with us, your prayer and financial support are crucial to see this dream that God has given us become a reality.

To raise up and equip relevant leaders is what our vision has been and continues to be, will you continue to stand with us to see them trained and equipped to be released as the new wave of missionaries who will reach the ends of the earth with all the talents and gifts they have been given!!!


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