Sports as a tool for bringing hope

A few months ago one of the couples that we founded the ministry with, Braunier and Zulma Santamaria, returned to Costa Rica after several years of living and working in Puerto Rico. Braunier was able to finish school here and also be trained as a licensed soccer coach with FIFA. When they returned it was as the doors flung wide open for ministry and the Lord presented YWAM San Jose with the opportunity of purchasing a third division soccer team from the neighborhood where we have been building homes for the past 5 years.

So today a group of of our full time volunteers under the leadership of Braunier is now weekly ministering to 150 children as well as 25 young adults of the third division soccer team of Pavas. Two other leaders of our YWAM staff are getting licenses with FIFA and Hope Sports is growing by the week.

Children who otherwise will hang out on the street are now abel to get exercise, receive not only soccer training, but are also receiving teaching on values and principles about life and faith in Jesus.

Every week, these children receive what they would otherwise not receive very often, attention and love.

Your prayers and support are so appreciated for these kids as well as for the YWAM volunteers who are giving their time and energy to raise up a new generation and provide them with an opportunity to dream about a better future.

We would love of you to see for yourself so take a look at this short video explaining the heart of Hope Sports through soccer in YWAM San Jose, Costa Rica.



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