On September 10th, 2015 we walked across the stage in Townsville, Australia to receive our official graduation certificate from the University of the Nations with a Masters in the Arts of Leadership.

After 18 months of study and hard work we were able to complete the program with YWAM's University of the Nations and it was such a fulfilling moment to receive this.

This time has been so rich in learning and growing as individuals but also as leaders and we continue to implement so many things that we learned throughout this time as well as continue to study and learn even while being finished.

Our love for learning and reading has increased and we are so glad that the Lord gave us this opportunity to do this. Now we are encouraged to see more courses being offered in Spanish in leadership as well so that many of the ywam staff in Latin America also have this possibility to not only graduate with the University of the Nations but also go deeper with the Lord as they study and use this as a platform to making Him known in the world.

Together with 59 other graduates we walked the stage that night and it was truly a very memorable evening where the founders Loren and Darlene Cunningham were present and to be able to receive an encouragement from them was truly an honor.

Marjolein started sharing the writings of your Leadership Journal on a personal blog if you want to follow along please go here:

She has always had a passion for writing, but has definitely grown so much throughout this time that she decided to share it with you, our readers. We pray it will bless you in your leadership journey as well.

On to new things
After graduation we didn't stop and take a break, we jumped right back into the daily things that we had back home in Costa Rica. After our long flights back to Costa Rica and being reunited with our kids it was all back to work as well embarked on yet another quarter.

Marjolein got busy in helping staff the September DTS with 18 new students as well as overseeing the area of training for the whole campus of YWAM San Jose. Giacomo jumped right back into teaching in the different schools offered as well board meetings and getting ready for some homes that will be build this November.

We also had an amazing Central America Staff Conference at our base this past October and it was truly a blessing to receive about 130 YWAM Staff from our region and together worship, seek the Lord and hear from Him as to how to move forward in strength and unity as a YWAM family. It was filled with joy, praise, worship, words, intercessory prayer, fellowship and unity.

A quick family visit
Marjolein and Tessa traveled to the Netherlands on November 1st for a much needed family visit and will be there until the 19th of this month. She will have the opportunity to visit with her sister and brother in law who moved to Sweden in April of 2014 and she hasn't seen them since before that, so it will be a wonderful blessing to spend some time with them. As well as seeing her grandmother who just turned 85 this past October. Little Tessa is enjoying meeting her cousins, grandparents and auntie and is having loads of fun as well doing all the "Dutch" things.

Kids update
This month of November will be there last month of school yet again. Gioela, our oldest will be graduating from 6th grade and will officially start high school next year!! Yes, we have a teenager now. Luca will be going to 5th grade and little miss Tessa will start 1st grade. We are thrilled to see them grow and learn and are enjoying their every move in this season. Would you continue to pray for them and their schooling. We are still needing to see some miracles for all of their school supplies, uniforms and books, but trust that will all work itself out in His way.

Thank you for your love, prayer and support...


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