A year to complete a Master Task

A year of completing a Master Task

As we approach May it seems yesterday that we started on this journey of our Masters with the University of the Nations.

You might ask what is the University of the Nations? Well let me give you a little history from the website of the UofN.edu:

University of the Nations: History
Pacific & Asia Christian University (PACU) was founded in 1978 in Kona, Hawaii, USA. It was founded to train students in ministering the love of Christ and teaching others according to the command of Christ to make disciples of all nations, in all spheres of society. A development guide was written to create seven colleges/faculties and several multidisciplinary centres that would develop schools, seminars, and other training modules in these subject areas. A master plan for the campus was prepared by a team of planners and architects who carefully considered the best environment for implementing the founding principles of the university.
Schools were developed rapidly in many nations and on six continents. Many of these schools were linked with PACU. However, the regional and local names no longer reflected the worldwide scope and unity of the various higher education activities. The Board of Regents unanimously adopted the new name, University of the Nations (U of N), at their meeting in 1988. The name change took place officially on June 2, 1989.
The U of N is unique in its international missionary training scope with school locations in 160 nations and at 550 locations on all continents. Because national accrediting agencies have major differences in their systems, the U of N has not, at present, applied for any one nation’s accreditation.

This is the University we are part of and with which we are now getting our Masters in the Art of
Giacomo and Mar with co-founder Darlene Cunningham
during our last Module in Feb. 2015
leadership. We started this school in June of 2014 and have since followed 3 modules of 10 each intensives each module in which we received classes and have been doing quite a bit of writing, journals, book reports, 
biographical studies and are currently working on our thesis to be able to graduate in September of this year.
It was with a clear word of the Lord that we started this journey of getting our Masters degree with the UofN as we never really thought of graduating, but since our own YWAM Campus here in San Jose is part of the University of the Nations and we offer a variety of courses here as well, we felt it was time for us to become official graduates and besides that continue our journey of learning as leaders.
Giacomo in Module 1 (June 2014) teaching about the life of David
Since June 2014 God has provided for every trip and every payment of the school and we have been in awe of His goodness and walk in gratitude to so many of you who have given generously to this journey, thank you.
Coming this June 8th, we will journey to Kona, Hawaii where we will receive our last 10 days of intensive learning to complete Module 4. After that we will have another month to finish up all of our work and Lord willing graduate.
Kona Hawaii hosts the largest YWAM Training Campus where founder Loren and Darlene Cunningham are currently giving leadership. It will be an honor to be at this location. Again the Lord has provided amazingly for our flights to get there.
At this point the only thing left to cover is our last payment towards our school fees of $2500. We know that our God will be faithful to complete it. Should you feel led to give towards this need, please click here and find out how, tax deductibly.

Graduation ceremony
Every two years YWAM and the UofN hold a conference for all who serve with YWAM/UofN around the globe to come together to seek the Lord, worship Him and receive fresh vision to move towards completing the Great Commission. This year the conference will be held at the new base in Townsville, Australia!!
And guess what the graduation ceremony for our Masters will be during this amazing event. We are so extremely excited about this and more so, because the Lord has already provided for both our tickets to get there!!! Truly He wants this for us and we can't say how grateful we are. One desire left in our hearts is this: 
We would love our children to witness us graduating from the University of the Nations in Australia. We are trusting the Lord for another $6000 (we realize how crazy that is) for our children to come with us. We believe that for them to see their parents graduate and hear the message and see the community of believers will instill within them a calling of themselves.
Would you pray with us for this miracle of $6000 to bring our children on this journey and leave them with an example to follow, what an amazing joy it would bring to our hearts for them to witness us.
UofN Campus for YWAM San Jose
As we graduate from the University of the Nations ourselves we are also envisioning this for all those whom God calls to us here in San Jose Costa Rica. Our YWAM base is part of the UofN and one of our next steps is trusting God for a campus of our own where we can train hundreds of students every year to go into all the world with the gospel, training and equipping them for the task ahead to see the Great Commission fulfilled.
The property we are currently on is rented, we have an option to buy at 1.3 million dollars. On top of that it would cost quite a bit more to make it more suitable as it does not have the necessary set up to increase our student capacity either for classrooms or housing. So this would be a huge prayer request that the Lord would give us direction as it what He has for us.

Your partnership is helping us see Latinos trained to go into this nation and the nations of the world to preach the Gospel.
Please know that we value your friendship and prayers so very much. So to recap our prayer requests:
* For our last module, for strength to finish our homework before June 8th and for our 4th module in Kona so we can finish strong
* For the last $2500 needed for the payment of tuition
* For $6000 to bring our children with us to Australia where we will graduate from our Masters with the UofN

Thank you again, 
Your friends, Giacomo & Marjolein


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