Miraculous February

I love when God does these miracles and giving us our hearts desire. This February I look back over the past few weeks and I am grateful that He provided for me to see my parents. What a fun trip my oldest daughter and I had in the Netherlands and how miraculous God does these things.

This February we will need see continue to trust the Lord for these miraculous provisions.

Would you pray with us for the following:

* We still need another $1100 for our Executive Masters in Leadership School that Giacomo & I are taking with Youth With A Mission. Tuition is due on February 16th....

* We need to pay our annual medical insurance by the end of this month $2700 (for the year), but we have no idea where this is going to come from. Our monthly support simply is not enough. Another reason to trust for the miraculous...

* Our kids school has started and we are still short on a monthly basis to cover all our financial needs...continued trust for miraculous provision

What a joy to continue to trust the Lord for His miraculous provision...pray with us, we trust His leadership in our lives, His provision in our lives even when we do not know where it will come from!!!


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