Catching up...

Time seems to go faster than me. I can't seem to catch up to all the things that are on my 'to do' list, but sometimes that list has to be put to the side and I simply sit and ponder on the greatness of God.

This past week was a very busy week. Between preaching in a church on the heart of God for missions which was a moment of wonderful revelation share that missions is not what we think it is. It is about God. The story starts with God. In the beginning "GOD created"...the story starts with Him, always. What is the message we are bringing? It is important we run with the right message.

Then this week was filled with shopping for school supplies, uniforms and materials, books and more. What a challenge for three children! I have bags of stuff sitting in the middle of my house until next week Monday when all of it will go to school and they will be starting classes again on February 2nd.

Time again flew by. I can't catch up, where does it go and yet days are filled with awe and wonder as I see the love of God filling my heart and His loving hand of protection over my mind as I focus in on Him allowing Him to lead me.

Giacomo came back from meetings in Tyler Texas with YWAM Regional elders of Mexico and Central America and had a wonderful time of seeking the Lord together for His purposes and plans to be fulfilled in our region of the world.

Right after he got of the plane he was on his way to the korean church here in San Jose where YWAM San Jose received the donation of a big bus that will be transformed into a mobile medical clinic. So now we not only have an ambulance, we also have a 47 passenger big bus, that will soon be converted into a mobile clinic. Amen to that....thank you to the Korean team from New York who came and blessed this nation.

This weekend Giacomo is helping serve the Homes of Hope ministry as 2 more homes are being built in two days. Not too much rest, but so well worth it. Two more families now have hope of a better future how can you not work to help make that happen. Our amazing leaders and staff team working with Homes of Hope has been working hard since the end of December and in a matter of 3 weeks 6 homes will have been built!!

Our kids are keeping busy in their own way, but are getting excited to go back to school, except for our 5 year old. She would rather stay home some more!!!

Keep coming back to read about the things coming up, February is filled with activities especially for has a couple attending Module number 3 of our Executive Masters with YWAM's University of the Nations. We will be flying out to Tijuana on February 16th. Prayers are appreciated!!!


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