God cares for what's in our heart

Our son loves soccer, well you already knew that if you have read our blog in the past weeks...

So the opportunity that is before him you know about.....

The Schwan's USA Cup in Minnesota this July!!!! He is so super excited and so is his mommy.....we wish the whole family could go, but that is something in the Lord's hands.

In the mean time, God has been incredibly faithful and has been providing over the past 48 hours in supernatural ways!!!

The first payment due on May 11th is now almost covered!!! Only $250 dollars to go and we are almost on our way there....

June 10th is the due date for the last payment and we are so incredibly encouraged by the people the Lord has brought our way to contribute towards this need. We are seeing Him provide for the longings of the heart of a child, our son and we can't be more overwhelmed!!

Luca's face lights up every time we tell him another person has contributed towards his trip to Minnesota, people who long to see him go and experience this soccer tournament. He feels so incredibly loved and so do we.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your love towards our family. We know God is going to come through in amazing ways in the next month to provide for the next payment!! He is doing it and there is no doubt in our son's mind that God will come through all the way!!!

Please consider becoming part of Luca's support team for sending him...

CLICK here for an safe online donation!!

Or a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION click here!!! Fill out our number A9005 and it will make it to us automatically!!!


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