Getting dirty with mud is a good thing

Don't we all love getting dirty sometimes, well our kids LOVE getting dirty during the Kings Kids camp at the YWAM Heredia base this past weekend.

This past weekend God used the several aspects of the ministry of Kings Kids to work on the hearts of all the kids present. It was beautiful to see them worship, intercede on the big floor map and serve a kids home called Roble Alto.

Getting dirty, means getting in there no matter how much it is going to cost you. Dig in, hold on and get out the victory.

So much of this has to do with our walk with the Lord doesn't it. Getting dirty means to dig in to what the Lord puts us to do, holding on in the process and not letting go until we have the victory. Edwin (leader of Kings Kids) reminded the kids this weekend of the story of Jacob who fought with God and he did not let go until God blessed him. He challenged the kids on Friday as the camp started to struggle with God and not let go until you feel you have been marked by God. Getting dirty, getting into it until you walk out victorious. Yes, perhaps a bit nasty and you might need to wash up, but you were marked.

So much of what is going on in my life feels like this. Getting dirty, getting in there, pick up that rope, holding on, but coming out feeling good, having the victory with Jesus.

This coming summer (that is July for many of you) God has provided in amazing ways for our son to attend this international soccer tournament in Minnesota and I get to go with him. It has been totally amazing to see how God continues to provide for all the details in every way. All the funds came in to pay for the cost even funds are still coming in to provide him with new soccer shoes (very much needed), funds to get the two new uniforms needed and I know He will provide the rest to have a fun day at the waterpark as well!!!

As a mom you understand we want to record all that our kids are doing, we want to make sure that this will go into history and we have something we can look at years from now and remember not just God's provision, but the joy of having been able to go. So this mommy is praying for her own provision in the forms of a special camera that will allow me to take "professional" shots of a boy in motion while playing soccer and video footage to make a fun and memorable video at the end for the years to come.

I was given advice by a professional photographer that the best thing to get for a trip like this and not have to carry heavy equipment is the cannon M, here let me show you:

Ofcourse this is way out of my league financially, but then again not out of God's. He is the provider, not me. He cares about the little things and He has been providing for this all the way. So I am just trusting the Lord on this mommy detail......

The Lord has me in a learning process in these last few weeks and it has been a very interesting process. In two weeks, my husband and I will be starting our first 10 days of class of an 18 month school with the University of the Nations (in YWAM) on the art of leadership. Yes, it is an art isn't it, so much to learn. As we are doing our homework and yes trying to get it all done before June 9th (prayer needed, I need 48 hour days instead of 24) I am starting to see so many things that I had not seen before.......

So I will start sharing with you some of these details, but not yet...I am still working them out in my head as we speak, but all I can say is that it is deep revelation for my heart, soul and spirit!! WOW....

Watching the kids this weekend standing on a world map praying for the nations just reminded me of what we are doing every day. We are saying "yes" to the nations, "yes" to sending others to the nations and "yes" to what the Lord has for our children in the nations.

Whatever way we need to get dirty, may our hearts jump at the thought of getting in the mud pool. Whether it is asking the Lord to provide, seeing provision come or simply enjoying the work that God has you get your hands dirty is time to get dirty with mud, fight for what is the Lord's, get it back from satan and come out dirty, but victorious!!!

Jump in with me!!!


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