Looking for sponsors

We are needing creative ideas on how to find 'sports' sponsors that are willing to give $20, $50 or $100 towards this opportunity for Luca to play soccer at the Schwan's USA Cup.

Click here to check out how impacting this event would be for him www.usacup.org

We realize the amount of $4000 is very high, but with many people helping out this goal can be reached!!!

Have any creative ideas or do you know of "sports" companies or stores to sponsor our son, let us know!!!

If you want to help sponsor Luca you can go to our fundraiser page by CLICKING HERE and you can give online right away!!!

Help us reach the goal!!! Help us gather a team of people together to "Sponsor Luca's soccer event".

A Soccer event of this magnitude for a 9 year old boy is like the "World Cup Soccer" for an adult.

Need ideas to sponsor Luca? How about:

* not buying your normal starbucks coffee this week
* go one day without fast food
* putting all your pocket change in one jar - it adds up
* that ice cream from Ben and Jerry's could help Luca go

We so appreciate your considering these options to help our boy!!!! It would be a dream come true for him and for us to see him go would make us so very happy!!

Thank you for considering!!!

Check out this really great promo video of the USA Cup just to get excited with us!


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