In His presence....

My thoughts traveled today to the story of Eve. You know, the story where the serpent comes to ask her if God really said ‘You are not to eat from any tree in the garden’?

Genesis 1-2 tells us the story of creation and the creation of man in the image of God. How they walked with God in the garden, so intimately, so close, in the cool of the day, in the heat of the day and in the breeze of the afternoon. No moment could have been more intimate between mankind and God than what Adam and Eve experienced on this earth. They were surrounded by God Himself, all the time, in His presence. Remember there was no concept of death in this place, only life. God had however given a warning to the man not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or he would for sure die.

One day as they are going about their day, the serpent, who God created in a crafty kind of way, (Gen. 3:1) started asking Eve, if God had really said those words of not eating of "any" tree in the garden.

Here she is walking in the "presence" of the Most High, doing what they did every day, enjoying their life on earth to the fullest measure than any of us can even imagine. There was no sin, no pain, no difficult marriage issues, nothing of that. There was only perfection in the presence of the Lord.

Eve hears a voice, coming from a wild animal. It seems from the text that this was not abnormal, as she quickly engages in conversation with the serpent. It was what he said though that she did not pay attention to enough.

I would like to pause here and ponder on this moment in history that so marked all of us disciples of Jesus who are desperately trying to live close to the Lord in His presence and yet keep wondering why we so quickly make wrong decisions and than don't "feel" close to Him.

If you have been a disciple of Jesus I am sure you have heard a preaching on this at least once in your life, that the enemy tried to deceive Eve by twisting the Truth of God and how she quoted the wrong thing back to the devil and she finally makes the mistake of being mislead and sins as well as Adam. Am I right, you heard this before maybe?

Yet, what I kept pondering on is how she was so easily pulled away into a conversation that was far away from the truth and so deceiving all the while she was in the "presence" of the Lord. Was He there, why would He not have been "around", why would He hide? The bible says that those who seek Him with all of their heart SHALL find Him.

She listens to a statement, a lie, ponders on it and without even consulting with the Lord or her husband she makes the call that would change their destiny.

It made me think of our lives as disciples in today's world. We long for the presence of God, we long to live in His presence, feel His presence, be in His presence, understand His presence, talk to Him in His presence, but I realized as I once again read this scripture that we so often do the same that Eve did.

When we came to know Jesus, accepted Him as our Savior the bible says that He came to live inside of us through His Spirit. Paul said "I no longer life, but Christ now lives in me". Jesus Himself came to live inside of us. Father, Son and Holy Spirit came to live inside. The presence was now inside to lead us and guide us in the way everlasting.

But yet here we are looking for the presence of God as if it were something outside of us and can't be reached, but only in special moments. True, there are moments that I have experienced where His presence was tangible, was so real and those are moments that I treasure every day. But if you are a human being like me, follower of Jesus Christ you don't always "feel" the presence, but you "KNOW" when He leads you, you "BELIEVE" He is there, you "TRUST".

Eve KNEW the presence, she had always BELIEVED and TRUSTED yet that day, while walking IN the presence she forgot to check with Him for continued revelation on what she had just heard the serpent say.

Friends, I am writing this because I feel strongly that we live in a time where we want to "experience" the presence of God which is awesome, but the Lord has been showing me to much over the last months that being a disciple of Jesus means "I no longer live, but Christ now lives in me". He is IN us, He is WITH us. We have to BELIEVE and TRUST His Spirit to lead us.

Then when we find the presence, we understand the presence and we feel we are walking IN the presence, we are still so easily distracted with thoughts that sounds good, but they are not truth, but we don't check back. You can live close to the Lord, walk IN His presence yet still be in conversation with the enemy about things that have already been revealed to you as TRUTH. The TRUTH set you free. Jesus set you free.

The enemy wants you to ponder on those things that you already know are not true because you have been walking with the Presence of the Lord for years. Yet, we give the enemy too much room and then we wonder why the Lord did not interrupt. Why? Because He created us with free will. He gave Adam and Eve the ability to choose. She choose to listen, to ponder and not ask. Could God have made some sort of big scene, make the earth shake, do something to show His presence that very moment. YES He could have done anything to make her not choose, but that would go against who He created them to be. He created them with the ability to choose in the every day decisions.

But in making those decisions He had showed them already that He was there ALL the time. They had enjoyed fellowship with Him in a most intimate way. They knew how He loved that interaction, how He always responded to their questions, how they must have had the most amazing conversation about everything created and each other. Yet that one time it was about them and their destiny.

Do you see it? The devil wants you NOT to walk in your God given destiny. To walk in His presence, to KNOW your Creator. The devil did not care if they understood the created things such as the birds and the trees, the sky and the oceans. He cared about them fully understanding their destiny. That is where the devil attacked. Who are you and what are you believing about who you are?

Who is speaking to you about who you are? The Bible says we are created in the image of God. Know God and you can know who you are. Today I have a greater passion for Jesus and I have walked with Him for many years already. I can look back and see where I have allowed at time the enemy to speak to me about my destiny, about who I am and what the Lord has for me. Those times when I believed the lies is when I delayed the purposes of God in my life.

I want to walk in the fullness of His presence, knowing, understanding, BELIEVING and TRUSTING that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus reigns and my prayer for YOU today is that if you are a disciple of Jesus that you KNOW the authority you have been given to no to the enemy, to rebuke the lies and He will flee from you. Turn your back on the devil and keep your eyes above the waves. You are a child of the Living God, He has bought you with a price for you to walk in His Presence every day. You shall KNOW the truth and it will set you FREE!!!


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