What a way to end our year......

Today was one of those rare days that I got to sit and relax like "all" day. That doesn't happen very often and most of the time that is probably my own fault, but nevertheless today was one of those days where everything is just falling into place. Kids are happy playing with friends, Christmas lights are on in the house, a little chill is coming through the door and my view well I thank the Lord for that every day. I look out over the tree farm that my in-laws own, hear the birds chirp, feel the cool breeze, hear wonderful God inspired music in the background and see the burning wick of my cinnamon candle. Thank you Lord for this day, it was what I needed. It is making me sit and ponder on so many things and especially on the way our year is ending.....

Even thought we technically still 2 weeks away from 2014, my year could have not ended any better than it did on December 8th. Last weekend we had our national ywam retreat in which all of us ywamers get together to fellowship, hang out, sing, worship, eat, camp, and laugh. The last day of the retreat we were able to pray over the new land of the YWAM Nicoya base and after there was an opportunity for people who wanted to get baptized to do so. Little did I know this was the day that our two oldest kids responded with a passionate "yes" to this idea.

A few hours later we find ourselves by the side of the road in a small little pool with clean water. Together with two of their friends they were baptized that day. Our hearts were overjoyed and tears of gratefulness to our Lord were shed. They choose Jesus and want to follow Him, what better way to finish 2013 than to see our children make a choice to be a disciple of Jesus.

Surround by the YWAM Costa Rica family our children ages 11 and (almost) 9, made their choose. 

I was reminded of how simple things just really are when you want them to be. You either follow or you don't. When Jesus walked by the seashore and saw the disciples (before they were disciples), he saw them and simply asked one question. He didn't ask them what they believed to be true about Him, He didn't ask them where they were going to church, He didn't ask them if they prayed or fasted or when was the last time they had repented of their sins. He simply said "Come follow me". That was the step to move in the right direction. The journey started from that day forward to become a disciple. 

Our children have now started their journey because of their own free choice to become a disciple. The Lord is going to start sharpening them and we as parents get the privilege of walking with them in that process, which is an amazing job!!!

We would like you to join us in sharing in this wonderful moment. Take a moment and watch these videos that we took of their baptism and when you do please pray for them. Ask the Holy Spirit to continue to speak and protect them from the lies of the enemy!!! Thank you....

Here is Luca's video:

Here is Gioela's video:


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