Sacrifice thanks offerings

This past week we had a full week of planning for 2014. For the first time in all of our 9 year history we had 19 people in one room, leaders on our base, forming two leadership circles, planning out 2014 and asking the Lord what is ahead of us.

For three days, three leaders shared a devotional and for three days the Lord spoke to us about "sacrifice". The last morning the Lord spoke to us about the sacrifice of thanksgiving.

In the first three days we heard about God not delighting in sacrifice in the form of our ministry or what we do for him, but that Psalm 51:17 says that the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit and a broken and contrite heart and that God will not despise.

Then we talked about this verse in Psalm 50:23 where it says "He who sacrifices THANK offerings honors Me and he prepares the way..."

This really left us in a moment of awe before the Lord as we pondered on the offering of thanks being a sacrifice.

It is easy to offer something that is easy to do, giving thanks for those we are grateful for, but it really becomes a sacrifice when we offer up thanksgiving in the moments when life is hard, when things are not easy, when people are not as nice with us.

We pondered on these things are leaders and we each individually and corporately wrestled with this as we laid down the things we were holding on to that would be an obstacle for the Lord to continue to move us into the next season of our lives and ministry.

As we sat in that room of 19 leaders and we looked around our hearts were just so filled to overflowing with thankfulness towards God for ALL that He has done in almost 10 years. Leaders are being raised up. When we started we were a small group of people dreaming to raise up young leaders who would walk in the destiny that God had for them. Now almost 10 years later, the group of leaders that we serve with who are leading the base and the various ministries has grown out to 19. This is only the leadership groups. Together we are over 50 staff and various ministries that were born in the hearts of the staff members.

So much to be grateful for, so much to see what God is doing. So easy to give thanks for the amazing things He is doing through our staff and students every day. We even look back and give thanks for the challenging moments as they are making us better leaders and they are shaping us in being more like Jesus. THANK YOU Lord.

In thanking the Lord for what He is doing in and through the ministry we are also thanking Him for what He is doing in our family.

We would like to ask you to join with us in prayer for the following points:

* thanking Him for providing so many special needs that we had this year. We have one more special need that we need to see covered in the next month and is for our trip to the USA. God has already provided for us to buy almost all three of our kids ticket with airmiles. We only had to put in another $350 dollars to get the tickets for the kids from San Jose to Texas. Would you consider helping us to cover this one time need of $350 dollars towards these tickets.

* Thank Him for all the monthly provision this year and yet this past month our monthly support dropped unexpectedly and it has put us in a little bit of a tight place for covering November and December. Would you consider supporting with a one time gift to help us see these last two months of the year covered in our personal family needs.

* Thank the Lord with us for our children passing their grades. Gioela will now be going to 5th, Luca will go to 3rd and Tessa will start Kindergarten. They are growing up so much and Gioela is now 11 years old and Luca will turn 9 on December 30th.

As we look at 2014 we are looking at a year of celebration. We will celebrate YWAM San Jose's 10th anniversary and there is so much to be thankful for and to celebrate. Lives that have been transformed by the Love and truth of God, lives that have been reached, the poor and needy that have been given homes, students lives being changed more into His likeness and the list goes on!!! Praise the Lord, His Kingdom is coming to earth!!


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