Planes, time zones and continents

On Oct. 5th, Marjolein and the kids arrived to the fall weather of the Netherlands. Giacomo followed a few days later and what a joy it was to meet up with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!!

We had fun doing a lot of really "Dutch" things especially the eating part of the Dutch goodies..

Too much to mention really, but the blessing of having seen family was beyond words. It is always so good to connect in person. Skype is nice, but in person is better!!

Gioela had her 11th birthday in Holland and it was a great day of celebration that ended with a great family dinner at a local "pannekoekenhuis" (a real Dutch pancake house). She enjoyed her dinner with her cousin Julie and a huge cup of hot cocoa and of course lots of whip cream!!!

After having spent 10 days in Holland, Giacomo and I then traveled to Israel for a 7 day prayer and study tour with other YWAM leaders. 

It was a trip of a lifetime, that we will never forget. It has forever marked our personal relationship with Jesus and our walk as missionaries will be effected greatly by this trip. We traveled from South to North and back South and ended in Jerusalem where we spent the last 4 days visiting the different sites. 

The lord really spoke to us about His heart for ALL people in a deeper way and we are still pondering so much on all that we heard, saw and read!

Because of the generosity of two couples this group of 22 couples was able to enjoy this trip together, traveling in bus, spending full days studying and praying together for a fresh out pour of His Spirit over the nations.

Visiting the town where Jesus ministered the most was a special moment to read the different scriptures where he specifically refers to Capharnaum. 

On Oct. 22nd we flew back to Holland, where we unfortunately only stayed one more day. This truly was a time that was too short. Being Holland is Mar's home it really was a bit short for her to meet with all the people special to her. We are thinking of sending her back for another 2 weeks early next year to be able to get that quality time in with family and church groups. 

After our one day back in Holland we then left the 24th to fly to New York. This was quite an eventful flight where all three of the kids got terribly sick (24 hour stomach bug) and all of them vomited the entire 8 hour flight. That was quite the adventure we do not like to repeat, but they were instantly healed upon!!

We spent 5 wonderful days with friends in Clifton Park, NY, where we met a church of Isaac & Heidi, (two former staff members at our base who are now serving with YWAM in New York city). It was a true joy to meet everybody there and share together. We missed seeing Isaac and Heidi as they happened to be with YWAM in South Carolina but maybe next time!! Thank you Grace Chapel for receiving us, for giving us such a warm welcome in your midst, we felt very loved and welcomed. 
On Oct. 29th we flew back to Costa Rica, ready to pick up where we left off the weeks before. We know that the Lord is moving in our midst, He is opening doors in new ways to minister to those around us and see communities and nations impacted with His truth. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support.

We will let you know soon what is coming up!!


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