Last quarter of 2013

Rainy season has finally hit us and rain has been coming down in great quantities, more than we would like really. Rainy season started a little later than normal and it is like the rains have accumulated and it is all coming down at once. Streets are flooding, bridges are washed out and it seems it is doing the same thing in other parts of the world. We need to ask the Lord for His mercy and for His cover. As we try to go through these days of rain, we are also experiencing new winds of change in our YWAM ministry here in San Jose, Costa Rica.

After attending an amazing YWAM Conference in Tijuana Mexico in which 700 ywam missionaries came together for fellowship and seeking the Lord and listening for His voice, it is now time to continue to walk in obedience of that which we heard Him say. Giacomo was able to serve during the YWAM conference as a translator and had the privilege of translating Loren (the Founder of YWAM) in his message on the last day in which he challenged us to go and finish the task!!!

Jesus is our master teacher, Jesus tells us to go and expand, multiply and bear fruit!!! So here we are entering the last quarter of 2013 ready for what the Lord has for us as a family and as a ministry.

The month of September has been busy after our return from Mexico. This weekend we will kick off a new quarter with 17 DTS (Discipleship training school) students and 7 BCC (Bible Core Course) students. DTS outreach teams and medical teams will be coming as well as finishing the year with building homes for the poor and needy.

In the middle of this, our family has been amazingly blessed to visit Marjolein's family in the Netherlands. Marjolein and the kids will leave October 4th for Holland and Giacomo will follow on October 7th. They will spend some quality time with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. We will end our trip at the end of October by visiting Grace Chapel Church in New York on Sunday Oct. 27th. We hope to share what the Lord is doing here in Costa Rica and are excited about this time for us as a family to rest and meet up with family in Holland.

Both Giacomo and Marjolein will be teaching in different schools, both in our YWAM training schools as well as in Mexico. Please pray that the Lord will be able to use us to speak His truth to this new generation of young people. We believe the Lord is raising up a new generation to hear His voice, get to know Him and obey radically what He shows them!!! Ready for a new wave of missionaries!!

All three kids were in the independence day parade on September 15th and they did so well!! We are so proud of them and they are doing well in school and God is blessing them to be there.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. The Lord has been providing in amazing ways and we feel so blessed to know that friends and family are partnering with us in the ministry here in Costa Rica.

May your week be blessed, may your day be blessed and may the Lord take us into a deeper walk with Him every day!!!


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