The beauty that surprises

Today we had the great privilege to be blessed with a few hours in a place 1 hour away from the city, a place hidden from the road, hidden from the public view, hidden between the jungle green of the countryside of the province of Alajuela. Never had we imagined to see such beauty. Views that leave you breathless, vegetation that makes you be in wonder of the Creator, peace that overwhelms your heart and tells your mind you don't want to leave. 

That is the thing about beauty isn't it, it is hidden waiting to be found, it hidden from the public eye so that it can't be taken for granted, hidden deep between the forest so that it takes you a little effort to find and then when it comes into view you can't help but letting put a sigh of wonder.

I think of Jesus this way, the beauty of His majesty, the beauty of who He is, the beauty that is not just there but something to be discovered for those that want to search for it. It is hidden somehow and yet so easy to find. It is there so close-by yet far away if you never get close. The beauty of the Son, Jesus is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered by many, why are we not searching more often, why do we walk by instead of seeing that there is more. Today we had the great privilege of enjoying this beauty for a few hours, but what an amazing thing that beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ is something we can enjoy for the rest of our lives and eternity. I encourage YOU today, to seek, to search for, to find what is hidden, because the bible says that those who earnestly seek Him with all of their heart WILL find Him! Go ahead sit down and enjoy His presence, it is well worth it!


  1. Beyond blessed to know you had a wonderful time away, soaking up all of God's goodness.

    Be blessed bunches my friend,


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