Always a new day for revelation

Hunger, thirst.....we all experience it daily....well maybe not daily because some of us don't really know what it means to hunger. Maybe thirst, yes because our we get headaches if we don't drink at least a few glasses a day. But hunger, do we really know??

The last weeks I have found myself hungry, not for food (which is a total blessing from our Heavenly Father), but hungry for a personal encounter with the Lord. Examples that have come to my heart in prayer is Moses who had this amazing encounter with God by the burning bush, Jacob who "fought" with God and came out a changed man, a new name, marked by the hand of God. Abraham who was visited by three men, he knew they were special guests, he knew this was a divine encounter with his God.

I read, I ponder and my heart stirs within me for divine encounter. I have said "Lord I do believe in You whether or not I have an encounter like that, but still my heart longs for a greater walk with You".

My heart and flesh cry out for You the Living God........really? What does that mean when we sing that your heart and flesh crying out?

For me this means that all the deepest part of me, all that is in my heart, my deepest feelings and emotions, my deepest thoughts, all that is within me on the inside including that which is on the outside. With my body I kneel before Your presence, like Moses took off his shoes because he was standing on holy ground, like Jacob fighting in the "flesh" with the Lord, so my flesh wants to walk with You.

This is my prayer for the people of God, for His bride, that we long, we hunger, we thirst for a greater touch, a greater walk with the Lover of our Soul, the author of our faith.

May we, His people want to know the Author, beyond knowing the book. May we want to see the painter, behind the drawing of His hands. May we want to see the Musician, behind the instrument. May we see the Director behind the choir. May we see the Creator beyond the creation.

It is Jesus we need to see, it is the God of the heavens, the Lord of host that is behind and in front. May our eyes today be opened to see Him, the hope of Glory!!


  1. I long, crave and even ache to know God more deeply, on a daily basis. I can't seem to get enough of Him! I come before Him on my knees just wanting to quiet everything within me in hopes of hearing His still, small voice over and over again.

    Thank you for speaking to that crave that burns within me which seems to be CONTINUOUSLY!!

    God bless you!!


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