Weddings are part of our ministry

In the last 9 years we have seen a lot people get together through the ywam ministry here in San Jose, we are trying to keep up with the count, but we are over 20 couples that have met or married while serving with YWAM San Jose.

This weekend we celebrated yet another cross cultural wedding of the lovely Renate Fast from Germany marrying the wonderful Jose Gonzalez from Talamanca, Costa Rica. Two world apart but the purpose of God brought the together. Is wedding was special in the sense that Giacomo got to give the bride away for the first time, Tessa got to be a flower girl and Luca was able to give them the rings.

For this wedding we traveled to the beach on the caribbean coast in Puerto Viejo and God gave is couple a beautiful day!

It is amazing to see how our obedience to God and to the call on our lives can bring about such blessing in seeing God create all over again by putting all these wonderful couples together for His glory. God is doing a new thing, we are needing to perceive it, we are needing to see it and learn how to flow with that what the Spirit is doing in these days.

Today I made a decision again just like I did so many years ago when I started my life as a missionary, I will walk in the calling for which You, o Lord have called me, I will hold my head high and lift my eyes up to the mountains every day. I will have faith like those heroes of the faith spoken of so intensely in the Word of God. Those that went before us, paved the way, the example for us to do it also. Having faith changes everything, it walking in that which He has called you to walk into, without shame or fear, without doubt! Maybe you don't always know exactly where it might lead, but you can safely know one  thing, following Jesus and the voice that guides, the voice of the Spirit, will lead you into life in the Kingdom, results for the Kingdom, enjoyment in the Kingdom and receiving the gifts of the Kingdom.

Today as we drove home that long drive (4 hours), I felt physically tired, but my spirit was soaring, my heart was pounding with the thought of being able to go to "work" tomorrow and be an active part in expanding His kingdom here in Costa Rica! What privilege, I am ready for Monday morning, are you?
Be like a child, receive the kingdom like a child, receive the gifts like a child and have faith like a child........He is our Father!


  1. What great perspective.

    Sure wish I was starting my week with you guys tomorrow!


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