Be still and wait....

Listen to my words, O Lord,
    and hear my sighs.
Listen to my cry for help,
    my God and king!
I pray to you, O Lord;
    you hear my voice in the morning;
at sunrise I offer my prayer[b]
    and wait for your answer.

David knew what is was like to spend his "quiet" time with the Lord in the morning. Do you recognize this when you have good intentions every morning (or evening for some) to spend some time with the Lord, read His word and offer up your prayers. May you are faithful to do this every day and still miss what I sometimes miss out also that David did understand and that was the "WAITING".

David waited for the answer after He offered up His prayers, after he let God hear his voice, after David let out all his complaints, all his groaning, after he did all that.....HE WAITED for the answer of the Lord.

It is amazing when we WAIT, when we quiet ourselves. 

Psalm 46:10  
"Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth"

God says "BE STILL and KNOW that I am God".

Many times we are not still, oh yes, we pray, we read, we ask, but being still I am not referring to the kind of still where you go on a silent retreat all the time, where you never say anything (although some of us would love one of those, especially if you are a mom of young kids), but I am talking about the kind of "stillness" that says "I will quiet my thoughts, my own thinking, my own ideas and will WAIT upon the the Lord for His thoughts, His answers, His direction.

Being quiet makes you able to hear better, especially when we know how to quiet our own heart and soul before the Lord and truly KNOW Him. Then we will know what He is saying, then we will hear, we will see, we will get the answer. But we need to wait.

Waiting is hard to do in today's world of busyness, I know. But it is the only way to do if you want an answer. 

Remember the time when you waited on this envelop to come through the mail that told you whether or not you were excepted into this one school, or whether or not you got the job, remember the time you counted the days for your birthday when you were a kid and couldn't wait.

When will be children again that we anticipate the arrival of good news from our Lord and Saviour, when we anticipate the arrival of the answers we are asking Him for, the direction we so desperately need. 

David laid out his issues before the Lord every morning and then he waited!!

What are you waiting on today? Are you waiting or did you leave your groaning and complaining before the Lord and then walked away depressed because He did answer? Did you forget to WAIT?

Take time to pray, to read, to lay it all before the Lord, but don't forget to WAIT TODAY!!


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