This weeks happenings

One of the things I felt on my heart for this new year as we continue to walk in the things the Lord has for us was to walk in humility before the Lord as well as before each other, before those we serve and those we serve with. It seems that the life of Moses keeps inspiring me in how God used this man to lead the people of Israel. So many setbacks in his life, so many identity issues before God called him to be the one who lead the people out of Egypt. And still was called the most humble man on earth!!! Wow...something to learn from for sure.

With Giacomo being a visionary new things always come up. It is good to keep looking forward and at the same time there are plenty of us who are making sure that we can also implement all that is being envisioned.

God seems to be opening the doors to for us to continue to minister through the local church with the bible project as well as with International outreach teams that come our way. God is giving us new strategies on how to reach the youth in this nation to see them called forth into missions, but also as ambassadors to go into the area of society with the truth of Jesus. We are truly wanting His kingdom to come here on earth!!!

Giacomo will be going down south this week with other staff members to see yet another denomination open its doors for our ywam teams to come and minister alongside of them in reaching their communities, cities and the young people in it.

It continues to be such a privilege to serve the Lord, but at the same time be changed by him and live in humility before Him. We thank you for your continued prayers and support. You are being a blessing to so many through your partnership!!! May this week bring glory to Jesus name and may it expand His Kingdom on earth!!! We want to see our region transformed through the power of His Word!!


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