Things are happening

It is almost over......I mean summer vacation for our kids. Yes, summer vacation is during the months of December and January. Next week Monday all three of our kids will be attending school. Gioela will be entering 4th grade, Luca will go into 2nd grade and Tessa will go to preschool. They are all excited to start again, especially Tessa who will be going for the first time and she is really excited because she feels like a big girl now. She will be 4 in July and loves the idea of hanging out with other kids her age all morning.

This means that mommy will have a more fixed schedule of mornings that she can give to the ministry. We are in a process of change and transition as a ministry and are seeing the Lord move in giving us more structure that will allow us to grow. We are grateful for a leadership team from YWAM Montana that are mentoring us in this process in helping us navigate through some of these changes as a ministry which they have gone through in the last 30 years. So it is a total blessing to have them come and share with us over this next year.

Our vision of seeing new young leaders equipped and trained is bearing fruit and we are looking forward to discipeling and training more people as the Lord brings them.

We have 4 discipleship training schools that we offer here. Every trimester we offer one and several have a focus either on soccer, backpackers and extreme sports. God is also adding on more schools to be offered here soon besides the ones we already have. School of worship, Bible Core Course, Community Development school, worldview school, communication school and we are dreaming big and truly hope to be a place where young Latinos can come and learn who God is, get discipled in His word, but also learn a skill and learn in the area of their passion and desire.

Not to forget that God is transforming lives every day in our other ministries. On the streets where they are seeing lives changed through sharing Jesus with the ladies on the street, building relationships and sharing the love of God. Through our Homes of Hope project, where families are being given hope through receiving a house to live in. Or the Bible project where this past weekend 825 bibles were distributed with the help of 250 people from a local church!! God is moving in Costa Rica....thank you for being part!!

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers!!! God is doing something and we just follow His lead into establishing His Kingdom here on earth!!

Have a blessed rest of the week!!


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