Happy New Year!!

January already started but I think it still counts to share with you our prayers for each of you in this 2013!

"May our Father in heaven bless you with a deeper knowledge of His Son Jesus, may He keep you and make His face to shine upon you. May His grace be sufficient for you and His mercies overwhelm you with every passing day."

We are full of how the Lord ended thr past year for us, with so much blessing. Looking back at what the Lord has done in and through our lives and the ministry has been truly a blessing. The Kingdom has been expanded with new members, new lives touched by the life of Jesus and His forgiveness, set free by His blood!

Being part of people's lives and seeing them change and transform and getting deeper revelation about who Jesus is that is just an incredible thing to be a part of. We would not want to be anywhere else, we love what we do and are looking at another year in which we look at expanding His Kingdom further here in Costa Rica and the different places the Lord will bring us this year!!

In this 1st quarter of 2013 we will be teaching in our training schools, Giacomo will teach in Tijuana, Mexico and we will be giving continued leadership to the ministry in San Jose together with our leadership team and new upcoming leaders.

Ministries are growing and expanding, more teams are coming to minister the love of Christ and more students will receive training in the Word of God!

Thank you for your continued support, it allows us to be focused on what the Lord has called us to do! Your partnership has been and will be vital in 2013 as well!!

We continue to live by faith not receiving a salary for the work we do and it is through friends and family, partners in the ministry that we are able to be 100% involved in
Missionary work. Thank you!

Should you want to become a partner please visit our link on this site how to send tax deductible donations to our family and ministry!


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