Sharing God's truth

When God gives me the opportunity to share His word, His truth it always make me more passionate about who Jesus is. Following in His footsteps means listening for His voice, hearing what He says and radically obey what He says. We easily get moved about by the every thought that comes our way, but we need to learn to listen for the Holy Spirit who will guide us into the Truth.

Sharing with young people what the Lord has done in my own life is an amazing privilege and I count it as a blessing to be able to be in Guatemala this week sharing the love of God, opening up the Bible together and read what He has to say to us and put it into practice.

Thank you for your prayers without your partnership and prayers we would not be able to make these trips and serve as full time missionaries, living by faith every day, seeing God use people like you to support us in what He has called us to do. THANK YOU!!


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