Back in Guatemala

It is so wonderful to be back in Guatemala so quickly after my last trip here in August. Giacomo and I were staff at this YWAM Base from Jan. 2000 until August 2001 and so enjoyed being here and now it has been such a privilege to be back here twice this year.

This past August I was here to have a workshop on how to run DTS schools and this week I am here teaching in the Discipleship Training School on the topic of relationships. I arrived today and what a joy it has already been to share with the students.

I also had the great joy of seeing a precious person that I learned a lot of Spanish from and taught me how to make this amazing green spicy sauce. Her name is Hermana Hilda. She is from Guatemala and her daughter and I had a baby in the same year almost the same time and they are both 10 years old now. I got to give a big hug today as she was cooking lunch today and she had no idea I was coming. So she held me for the longest time. She became really special to me while living in Guatemala and it will be so good to see her this week. She promised me she would be making the special green sauce this week, I am so excited about that.

Time goes by but when God gives us these special relationships when you see each other again after many years it is like picking up where we left of. Thank you God for allowing me to come to Guatemala this week. Thank you for those of you who are supporting our family to minister to young people in Central America. It is because of people like you that God's truth is being shared and it is transforming lives.

I will be here until Friday, will you pray for a wonderful week in which we will get to know Jesus more so we can follow in His footsteps!!


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