Yesterday we celebrated exactly 14 years since we had our wedding day!!!
It was a very special day and on Oct. 20th we had another wedding in Marjolein's home country of the Netherlands. Wow, 2 weddings!!

We would like to take you with us over the last years and tell you all the places the Lord has taken us in these 14 years of serving as missionaries with YWAM as an International couple and family!!

In December 1998 we flew to South Africa where we staffed a Community Development school at the YWAM Worcester base.

In April 1999 we flew from South Africa to Costa Rica where Marjolein attended Spanish Language institute before we moved on to the next step and it was a succes she speaks it well now :-).

In January 2000 we flew from Costa Rica to Guatemala to form part of the staff team at the YWAM base in Guatemala city. We served in different areas on this base: accounting, hospitality, transport, kitchen, worship and DTS staff.

In August 2001 we flew to Holland to have a 3 month furlough for the first time and we lived near the famous Dutch Windmills in "Kinderdijk"!!

In January 2002 we flew back to Costa Rica and from there on headed to Barbados to attend a Leadership Training School lead by Darlene Cunningham, the co-founder of YWAM. 

In February 2002 we were surprised to find out of our first pregnancy to be born in October of that year.

In May 2002 we flew from Barbados back to Costa Rica and while 6 months pregnant we took a long 8 hour bus trip to our new home "YWAM Diriamba in Nicaragua".

On October 12th 2002 our daugther Gioela was born in a small hospital in Diriamba, Nicaragua, what a joy she was and has been and to celebrate her almost 10th birthday!

Wasn't she a cutie and still is??

We lived in Nicaragua until Nov. 2003 and then flew to Jamaica where we served the YWAM Montego Bay base as staff of a Community Development school.

In April 2004 we flew from Jamaica to Guadalajara, Mexico to form part of the Leadership Training School that we had taken in 2002 this time as staff. Once again this school was led by Darlene Cunningham and many other International Leaders of YWAM.

Gioela was 1 1/2 years old and here she is with her Nicaraguan outfit together with a staff member from Nicaragua who is now the base leader there:
 Migdalia Sanchez and Gioela Coghi

After finishing in Mexico we then officially moved to Costa Rica in July 2004 to start the YWAM San Jose base, while also being 5 months pregnant with our second baby.

He was born on December 30th 2004, his name "Luca".

We have een leading the YWAM San Jose base for the past 8 years and God has been so faithful in giving us an amazing team of leaders around us as well as an amazing staff team. God has led us in all these 14 years and to we have seen Him change lives.

To enrich our lives even more we received our third baby on July 14th 209 and her name is "Tessa"

Now we were officially a family of 5!!!

Thank you for all these years of support and love and for having walked with us. It has been an adventure and continues to be an amazing journey with the Lord. We are looking forward and know that God is not done with us just yet!!! He has given us this ministry and we are passionate about seeing it grow and multiply including our kids!!



  1. Mar, I loved the overview of your years as a family! I had no idea you had served in so many countries, that's neat!


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