Growth starts small....

Here a promised note about the office. It is becoming reality, because of God's faithfulness and the generosity of friends and family the office is now a reality and wow have I already used it and feel like I accomplished so many things in the last 3 days!!!

Take a look into the on the left!!!

Thank you for praying!!!

God continues to pour out into our lives as well as the ministry. We feel new things are coming and the Lord is preparing all of us within our YWAM ministry for the growth He wants to bring. Not just growth as a ministry, but growth in the impact that He wants us to have in this nation of Costa Rica.

We are believing the Lord for an expansion in our ministries touching the different needs of society, such as education and the local church.

So in our hearts we are sensing the Lord to grow us both in number as well as in facility. We are still trusting the Lord with the purchase of the property we are on, but we are also dreaming with Him for bigger vision and bigger things for a move of the Lord.

The office for us personally is just one tiny little part in this whole picture, but so crucial for us personally in this season that is coming. Getting organized is HUGE!!

We are still needing to get some important pieces such as filing cabinets and some office supplies. Should you have any lying around that you don't us. We will be in the USA in January and we could possibly bring some things down, so let us know.

Thank you again....we so appreciate your prayers and partnership!!!


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