An office after 8 years...

I know this sounds really funny doesn't it? What do you mean with an office after 8 years. Well, since we started the ministry we haven't really needed an office space. We have always been running around, going in and out, going here and there. Giacomo is not an office person at all, but Marjolein is for sure an office person. Because the kids were little we haven't needed any special office space, but now that the kids are bigger and Marjolein spends more time on the YWAM base and we are getting more structured and organized, we saw the need for an office space.

So after 8 years we are getting that space. Marjolein has been painting all day today with paint that was leftover at our house (since we are on a budget) and it turned out really nice. Now the only thing missing is a proper desk.

So we looked online at some used desks and found a really great one that would fulfill the purpose completely:

Here is it is....

Mar found it online and it is exactly what we were looking for to fill our space....

We are trusting the Lord to provide the $250 needed.

Would you like to support us with a one time gift for our "office" project.

We are so excited about this, which sounds funny, we know. But for us it means better organization and keeping all our things organized and growing into what the Lord has next as well as being able to provide time with staff members in a private setting...

So, thank you for being excited with us!!!! The Lord is interested in all things and an office can be just the thing that one needs to be able to minister better!!! Blessings on your day!!

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