Last four months of 2012

The month of September started out with trembling as we were shaken up this morning during our time of prayer and intercession at the YWAM base at 8:43 when the building and ground slowly started moving and many of us looked at each other. As it got more intense we knew, go outside this is not just a trimmer it is an earthquake.

About 10 minutes later after all had calmed down we were informed that there had been an earthquake of the coast of Costa Rica of 7.6.

For sure the "fall" month started off with a shaking, they have been studying this possibly earthquake coming in the area of "Nicoya" and they think this was the one they were waiting for. Let's pray it was and that there is not another "big" quake coming.

All is well with us, so not to worry, there was no damage here at the ywam base, but pray for the communities in the northern province of Guanacaste, there was significant damage there.

What is up for us in the next four months?

What is going on for the next months again, well let's take a look:

This month will bring the finish of the classroom phase of our July Discipleship Training School that Marjolein is giving leadership to. They will go on their NIKO camp week on the 23rd and start their "outreach" phase on September 30th until November 28th.

Our kids will be attending their Kings Kids camp at the end of the month also for which they are always very excite

As well in the month of September on the 29th we will be welcoming the new quarter with new students for the Bible Core Course as well as another Discipleship Training School (around 40 students between both schools).

Giacomo will be in England and Texas until the 13th of this month. He was invited to attend the Global Leadership Gathering as being part of a group of new young leaders. The days have been filled with worship, seeking God, sharing and learning more about God's heart for YWAM and the world and how we can see the Great Commission fulfilled, more details when he returns.

This month we will have several celebrations happening. Our daughter will become a pre-teen officially as she turns "10" on October 12th. Then Giacomo's father will turn 70 on the 23rd and we will have a special celebration. Giacomo will also be traveling to different bases to share on Biblical Worldview.

Another month in which we can to celebrate some things. Giacomo's sister is here with her husband and their two beautiful kids and in the beginning of November they are expecting their third baby. Then on around the same time (nov. 9) Mar will be celebrating her 36th bday and Giacomo and his mom will be celebrating their birthdays together on the 13th. Marjolein is also praying about possibly visiting the July DTS that will be on outreach ministering to the indigenous tribes of Panama for which I will share a website with you later. Please pray for this as we would like to bring our two oldest ones for them to experience being in the mission field themselves. We need your prayers for this as the cost of this is something we do not have at this time. If you feel to help with this please email us.

As the kids finish school in this month we will also be building more homes of hope in communities where people struggle to keep the rain out of their homes and where a dirt floor is the most normal thing. Pray for these projects as they are so important and are blessing so many families and individuals.

We will also have our annual YWAM Costa Rica staff retreat in early December in the northern province of Costa Rica. Al the ywam bases will come together for a time of fellowship.

Marjolein will be teaching for one week in Guatemala from the 10th through the 15th on the topic of relationships and we pray that the Lord will bless this week and ask your prayers as well.

As we finish the year we are needing to prepare for the start of the new year which always brings us to Texas in the first 3 weeks of January for our annual meetings as we are part of the regional council for YWAM in Mexico and Central America. We are still needing to see finances come in to cover our trip there. This is a trip we make every year as part of our role as leaders within YWAM Central America and we would like to ask you prayerfully consider helping us attend these meetings. Our total need is $3000 dollars for flights, food, housing and a few days of vacation with our family.

You are part of the ministry that the Lord is doing here in Costa Rica, we are so thankful for your partnership, prayers and financial gifts. May the Lord continue to guide you in all your ways! From our family to yours.


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