Easter....Holy Week

This week is Semana Santa in Costa Rica, or in other words Holy Week. A special week in which we remember what easter is really all about.....yes that is right....it is NOT the easter bunny with his colorful eggs, which were simply a symbol of the spring time. Bunnies don't even lay eggs...". To my surprise when I typed the word easter in google images the only images I got was bunnies and eggs. The world is forgetting what easter really means, who will tell them?

This week I am just reminded of my need for Jesus, my need to understand once again His death on the cross for my sin, my short comings, my failures, my future, my hope. It is in Jesus alone, His death on the cross and His resurrection that I have life, that I have hope to go forward, to life, to give away of myself, to share what I have.

Jesus dying on the cross and raising from the dead on the 3rd day to open the way for me to be free from sin, free to live a life in the way He meant for me to live.

I want Jesus to live through me, I need Him this week, I need Him every day of my life. Without Him I don't have the life He has for me. Thank you Jesus for giving Your life for me.

I hope you will share in this celebration with me this week. Holy Week is meant for stopping and thinking, remembering once again the great sacrifice of our Lord on the cross of calvary.


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