Spring....new beginnings...

Spring and "springtime" refer to the season, and broadly to ideas of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. This is what an online dictionary says about Spring. WhenI think of this season I do also think of new things beginning. Look at this photo and look at the beauty of new beginnings.

Spring, when the flowers that were planted start coming out and show us the beauty with which they were created, by God. The beauty that is kept in secret for a while until the day comes when what has been started long ago, finally comes into view for all to see and we marvel at the sight and think it is the most beautiful thing.

So should this be when people walk into the Kingdom for the first time. Seeds that are planted so long ago all of a sudden spring forth into a new birth, for all to view and the field of new creations coming forth is a marvelous thing to look at.

Today I am pondering on this concept of new beginnings and thinking about the things God has called us to do here in Costa Rica, some of it being the planting of seeds that will come forth in due time, in other times the Lord is allowing us to marvel at the splendor of this new birth and the coming forth of this beauty in this season. The other part of what we do is preparing the seed to be planted, praying for the hearts and minds of those who will hear the message through our training schools, through our outreaches into this nation and abroad, interceding for those whom the Lord will bring on our path to
share His truth with.

Today I am thankful for you who is supporting us through prayer, friendship and finances for us to continue to pour out that what the Lord has given to us into the lives of those around us here in Costa Rica. Thank you for standing with us, you are a big part of seeing spring time come to lives and communities.


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