Only two more days and another year will begin. I know we have already been in 2012 one whole month, but on Monday the year will begin for the children to go back to school.

A new school year in 1st and 3rd grade. This means a new beginning for me also. As Giacomo gives leadership to the base I will throw myself more into helping the children with their schooling. Where I can't do it, Giacomo will help, especially with the Spanish and Costa Rica social studies.....but I feel very clear that this is part of my call to start school myself.

No, not taking a course, but jumping in with the kids is like starting
school all over. I have never studies American history so that will be a first, I have never studied Costa Rica history, so that will be a first. Never had kids in an era where computer classes might go beyond what I know...although I try to stay up to date with all the latest...

All in all, this Monday will be the new beginning of a multitasking mother.

Gioela is real excited about going back to school, it seems like she has grown during this "summer" break into wanting to learn. She still doesn't like reading, but there seems to be a bigger interest in learning and she has been counting the days.

Luca is more aware of the fact that 1st grade is "real" school now and I think it scares him as he keeps saying that "he can't read", which he can and is getting really good at, but there is a sense in him that 1st grade is the "real deal", so he is not so excited abou
t school as much, but we are sure he will soon let that go and just go with the flow, that is the kind of boy he is.

Will you pray for this new season as they enter into new times of learning, of walking into new adventures with other children, each other and God. As a family we are committed to standing with our kids in their learning and this year I am going to spend some more time in helping them move forward in understanding the dreams of God for their lives through education and using it as a tool to become the young woman and man that God is calling them to be.

I feel challenged, but encouraged. We need your prayers and support!!!!


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