Saying goodbye to Tyler, Texas

The last few days have just been so refreshing and a huge blessing for us as a couple, as a family and as leaders. We had our annual regional leadership meeting for Mexico & Central America. Being part of this amazing group of leaders is such a blessing to our lives. They are true heroes in the faith for us. Most of them whom have been in Youth With A Mission over 30 and have served this region of the world (Mexico & Central America) during that time.

We have already learned so much from them since we have been part of this team since 3 years ago and it is truly a privilege to serve alongside of them and under them as well.

If want to take a look at the different ministries of those represented in this team check out these links:

YWAM Guadalajara (Mexico)

YWAM Mazatlan (Mexico)
YWAM Pachuca (near Mexico city)

YWAM Nicaragua

YWAM Tyler

and there is our base, that you can find the link on this site for.


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