In the middle of it all....

As I returned with the three kids to Costa Rica this last Monday reports were coming from everywhere about the Bible Distribution that had taken place in the Southern part of Costa Rica in a city called Golfito.

A bible in every home has been embraced by all YWAM ministries in Costa Rica and it is starting to happen not only in Nicoya, but now the Lord has opened the door in the south, near the border with Panama.

This photo was taken by Julie Coss, one of the staff members of the September DTS and it shows so well the vision and dream of God for this nation "the Word of God brought to every home in Costa Rica".

As Giacomo will return this Sunday from a time in Tijuana Mexico where they were having a conference for the ministry of Homes of Hope we are walking into the middle of what the Lord is doing through staff and students in YWAM San Jose. It is such a joy and honor to serve with the YWAM San Jose family and we so much appreciate everyone who is a part of this family.

God is at work and we look to Him for guidance, direction and give Him ALL the glory for what the lives that are being reached, changed and transformed.

Let's keep praying and seeking the Lord for His guidance, for His word to us as a family, as His body. We can't live without Him. I count everything as a loss compared to knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.

This is the prayer of my heart these days, that I can count everything a loss, just like Paul, but one thing I will never let go of and that is that I want to know Jesus more every day. He is our example!!

Thank you for your prayers and support for our family and ministry.


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