Christmas is all about revelation through Jesus

After not celebrating Christmas in the Netherlands for many, many, many years I finally realized something.
Trying to make Christmas what it used to be at "home" is just not possible, at least not for me. So many things are just too different to even come close to what we used to do. For years I tried hard to keep tradition going or making it at least close to what I had growing up....I have given up....

Don't worry it is not a sad thing, I realized something this I looked at the photos of our YWAM San Jose, family Christmas dinner (of which two are posted here), I thought to myself....THIS IS CHRISTMAS International family coming together to share the same heart, the same faith, the same reason for coming together "Jesus being born into our hearts and minds".

I realized that next year I want to do more, and put all my energy in THAT Christmas get together and not try to do something "at home", when YWAM San Jose IS my home. The YWAM San Jose family is my family. Yes I have family at home as well in the Netherlands and Giacomo's parents here and sister and brother in law in Hawaii, but they are also part of that YWAM family.

Jesus, I thank you this year not just for Your birth, which is the One that really counts, but also for giving me a family, so big, so special, so diverse, so multicultural, so fantastic, so amazing.....all of those who make up this amazing family I am a part of here in Costa Rica. Thank you for each and every one of them and here I am trying to make something out
of Christmas and almost missing the things You wanted to show me this year. I got it God, thank you for allowing me to see beyond.

Looking into the faces of these young girls who are growing up in YWAM, our kids who were so little when we started together and now look at them, dancing during our Christmas celebration, sharing their talent...just love here I will share another one with you so you can smile with me. I pray your Christmas was also special and revelation came to you as well whether it be about Jesus being born into this world, or the fact that He speaks to us new things into our hearts. He is alive and it excites me to think about Jesus as my personal friend whom I can get revelation from and speak to whenever I want.

Christmas is about personal revelation about Jesus!!


  1. I felt the same way that night, Mar. Looking at those kids, all growing up together - for them THIS is Christmas. These are their Christmas memories, and they play just like they are cousins, truly. It felt so special and I felt filled with joy that my boys WILL have special, fun Christmas memories with family. Different than how my Christmas was growing up, for sure, but still good. And maybe even better! Who knows? But, I'm happy. I believe this will become our Christmas tradition as well now - YWAM Christmas dinner!


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