The old and the new

When we think of the "old" we think of the past, the days before, way back when. The "old" was somebody who you used to be and now you are different. The "old" is the one up there in age, but I discovered something. "Old" is last week, the week before, even yesterday when Jesus showed me more about the things I need to change to continue in His footsteps.

Old is that which you once carried with you, the thing you did, the idea you believed, but now the new has come. Today I walk in the new and there is nothing more precious than walking in the new. Guess what I keep discovering that I can get the new every day. The old is gone, the new has come, every day!!

I want my day to be filled with the "new" Jesus has for me. I want to leave the "old" in yesterday, the new in today. Jesus has something new every time and the moment I decide to leave the old behind, whether that was a year ago or just yesterday, then NEW things happen. A new view on life, a new level of patience as a parent, a new love for the world, a new vision for our lives, a new appreciation for my husband, kids and the people I serve with.

I want the new, every day. His mercies are also new every let's go to the throne of grace together and get the new, which means the "old" is not even there anymore....

Bring on the new Lord...


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