Giving thanks....

I join the millions of people giving thanks today. I give thanks for....

* my husband for being an amazing leader, man of God, loving, patient, kind, and so much more...I love you

* my kids, they are the cutest, handsome little ones that God gave me. I rejoice when I see their faces, their blue eyes, curly hair, amazing smiles....thanks God for giving me these princesses and this prince

* my ywam san jose family. All of you staff members of YWAM San Jose each of you has been a huge blessing to my heart, your love, your passion, your fun, your sacrifice, your smiles, what a privilege to serve with you, thank you

* the San Jose leadership team, you are amazing leaders, your servant hearts, your wisdom and passion has made YWAM San Jose what it is...I love you dearly and thank you. It is an honor to serve the Lord with you

* YWAM San Jose mommies, you are a blessing to my heart as a mommy. Vanessa, Elizabeth, Grethel, Leslie, Karen, Rachel, Gaby and all those mommies to be :), I love you for what you give to my heart, for the example that you give me in so many ways. You are an inspiration to my life.

* my inlaws, they are truly an example of loving parents, amazing pioneers in all they have done, leaders and special grandparents. Thank you for taking me into your family.

* To Jesus for giving Your life for me, for loving me without condition, for providing our every need. There are too many words to describe who You are for me. I live for You alone!!!


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