Teaching in Nicoya....

Three hours drive to the north part of Costa Rica to share in the Ywam Nicoya first DTS and what an adventure it was.....

What a privilege it was to be able to teach and share the heart of God with these 8 students. Sharing about the love of God, a deeper relationship with Him and then continue to share that love with others I just love to do. So last week I spend 5 wonderful days in Nicoya with the students and staff there, had some interesting car adventures there, but was blessed to be a part of this ministry.

Giacomo will have the opportunity on the 21st of this month to share on the topic of Biblical Worldview and how a biblical worldview is the way to see our lives and our communities transformed. Will you pray for the DTS in Nicoya and for Giacomo and his teaching time.

We also have a month full of birthdays. Today was mine and this weekend Giacomo will be celebrating his and his mom's on the same day. We celebrate what God has done in our lives and praise Him for His faithfulness in our lives.

We love serving Costarican communities with teaching about who God is and how His truth changes us.

The car adventure include driving my car into a muddy ditch, then 10 locals showing up to try to get it out and eventually a school bus having to pull i
t out by dragging it 15 meters through the mud....

It is exciting to see lives touched and changed by the power of the Holy Spirit!!! You are part of this.....!!!


  1. Great work! Thanks so much for your faithfulness.

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  3. As always love your updates.
    The Kingdom of God is being extended!!


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