As the wind blows..

On a day like this when the air is cold and sky is gray

when the mist is among the trees and rain is on its way

on a day like this when the wind shows itself like no other

that is when I often realize the wind blows like my heavenly Father

On a day like this I stare out the window with my mind going places

reminding me of all the things He has given me and all with which He amazes

even though it is cold outside and there is no sun in the sky

I still know that He is there, His faithfulness, He is the Lord on high

Even though no warmth from earth is felt, no sun to shine on me

there is no doubt in me that as the wind blows it makes me see

see and sense the presence of my Lord, His assurance of His love

nothing can separate me when He sends His rain, His wind from above

As the wind blows, may Your Spirit blow on me and fill me anew

and with me, those who hunger and thirst for You, even if there are few!

Be blessed today!


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