Welcome to Italy....

Hi there, these last few days we have been on many trains in and through Italy...from Milan to Bolonga and from Bolonga to famous Rome. Quite the adventure with 6 adults, 5 kids and can only imagine...but we made it...

Giacomo and Luca sharing a moment on the train together over pizza and a coke!

A girl moment with mommy and her two girls...

Our cousin "Abigail Rice"....isn't she the cutest, she was having so much fun in an open air bus touring the city of Rome!!!

Welcome to the Colliseum...yes the real one....we saw it from the street, from up close, but decided not to go on, line was too long...Ezra and Gioco did make it in and we will have steal their photos.... *_*
Another view of the they say in Spanish...amazing can almost hear the chariots and horses rushing down the main street into the colliseo..
Ezra and Gioco (my brother and sister in law) Giacomo's sister...we had fun touring Italy together!!

Another one of those famous buildings in Rome that I forgot the name of, but it is you see the statue in the middle, it is a horse with a man on it..well you can fit 12 people inside the belly of this can't appreciate the size of the horse, but it is pretty incredible...
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