Right here in Costa Rica this is a group of YOUNG people with a MISSION!!

On February 10th we had yet another group of 19 students celebrate the finish of a 5 month Discipleship Training School in which they saw God change and transform their lives, in which they saw His faithfulness in miraculous provision both in lecture and on outreach and they were forever changed.

From this school they passed on the torch of the flame of God to the next group of students in our January DTS, 30 lives that are being transformed as we speak. Above here is a photo of those groups together with staff amazing group of young people ready to go into the world to preach the Gospel and make disciples of ALL the nations.

From this team we have people going to Honduras to serve with YWAM in la Mosquitia, which is the jungle of Honduras, we also have a couple coming back to serve right here in San Jose with the next Backpacker/Extreme Adventure DTS and reach out to the deaf community, another person is reaching out and serving at a kids camp right here in Heredia called Roble Alto and ALL went home with a message that burned their hearts forever, the Love of Christ!!

So we are sending another 19 "missionaries" into the nations to reach others for Christ. Amazing fruit and now in this quarter yet another 30 students being changed and made ready to run with the message of the Gospel.

Thank you for your prayer, your financial support and your so much appriated friendship!!

Yours in Christ,
Giacomo & Marjolein
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  1. Rejoicing with you! Let's chat again friend. I soooo love talking with you.

    Be blessed bunches,


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