YWAM Kona 50th anniversary

What a joy for us to have attended the 50th anniversary celebration in Kona Hawaii. It was a total gift from God and we have felt so incredibly blessed by God's miraculous provision for this trip. The celebration was just wonderful and seeing so many people that we know made it all the more special.

The view in the evening from the Go-Center at the UofN

The last morning of seeing the stones of the nations represented at the "Plaza of the Nations"

This is at Kings Mansion the first aquired YWAM property about 20 minutes from the Kona campus

The big white house on the hill that is described in one of Loren's books!! It is still there, recently renovated and benig used to gather leaders from around the world and send them into the world!!
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  1. You look great friend! What a wonderful celebration for your family to be a part of ... thanks for sharing some pics with all of us.

    Be blessed bunches,


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