Our three little ones

Gioela born October 12th, 2002 in Diriamba Nicaragua, Luca born December 30th in San Jose Costa Rica and Tessa born July 14th 2009, our three little gifts from heaven!!

The last days and weeks I have been impacted with the amount of influence we have as parents over our children. I know our parents told us we look like them when they were little and we remember the days they told us "no" and we really wanted to hear a "yes". Now we are in that place and some days go by without anything in particular happening, but then there are those days where you as a parent sit down, look at your child and think "am I doing a good job? Is he/she learning what I want them to learn? Am I messing it up?"

Maybe I am the only one with questions like that, maybe not, I just know that my influence reaches much farther than I could have imagined before I had children of my own. My little girl, she is a spunk of fire, got zeal to live and now that she turned 8 it seems like this whole new world has opened up to her (and to mommy) of exploring new things, writing little secrets in a special book (yes I see myself in that). I saw her sitting behind her little (mommy made) desk, writing away in her "secret book" and I saw myself in my room when I was little writing in my diary those things that I was feeling, thinking and hoping for.

I asked my daughter if I was allowed to read what she wrote, at first I got an obvious "no", but then she allowed me to read the first page which I will share with you, but only this one:
"God I love you so much, mommy I love you so much, Daddy I love you so much, Luca I love you so much, Tessa I love you so much"

My heart ofcourse bubbled over with emotion to know that this is what was on her mind to enter on the very first page of her secret book. Peace flooded my mind and heart as I felt the Lord whisper into my ear "you are doing just fine, now continue to express your love to her and me and she will understand what LOVE really means".

My little boy just gets sweeter every day, he has energy for 10, but has the sweetest, most gentle, generous heart I have ever seen in a little one (then again he is mine so I am a little proud). Two weeks ago his daddy and grandparents went to visit the farm and after walking, picking bananas and bugs ofcourse he also picked very delicate flowers and made sure he told daddy "do not touch these flowers they are for mommy". When he came home running with these few precious flowers in his hands telling me he picked them just for me, my heart was filled once again with emotion and thankfulness and hearing the whisper of God "you are doing just fine...".

Little Tessa at 15 months is just the cutest little thing ever. Her smile, hugs and little being just fill my day with joy. Her little jumpy curls in the back are just too sweet. Her kisses are filled with love and purity and I hear my Father in heaven whisper to me "I love you Mar, keep trusting Me and they will be just fine, do not do anything in your own strength, but rely on Me every day".

Our three little ones.....what a gift from God!!


  1. precious thoughts about the precious responsibility of being a mom.
    abrazos, anke

  2. Hey girl,
    you made my day with your 'thoughts' as I was feeling quite down today bc I was so tired and complaining a bit to myself and God that having a baby (even one as sweet and happy and easy as mine) is so much work! I know it's worth it, just need a little reminder of it sometimes!
    Gioconda was over today and as I look at Gioella's picture again today, I couldn't believe how much Abigail looks like her! Wow. You'll probably notice that too when they visit in Dec. And it made me think - wow, that was SEVEN years ago that we were all in Nica together. Man, time flies.
    Well, love you guys still. You are a wonderful blessing and example to me of a family in missions. Hope we can follow in your footsteps.

  3. You are doing great! May the Lord continue to encourage you! You know He will show you the way you are to go! These are His little ones, as are you!
    Love, Christine C

  4. What a sweet post. I love His words to you. Thanks for sharing your heart. Love you.

  5. Simply precious! Thanks for sharing friend.


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