Baby Tessa

Baby tessa is no longer a baby. She is becoming a little girl who is chatting away in her own language and wabbling around the house with her cute little legs.

Time does fly, look at her little naughty face, having just emptied Gioela's toy bin....and loving the fact that you can sit in it!!!

We are enjoying our little ones so much, but they are growing so fast. Gioela will be 8 years old this month and we see her becoming a young lady every day. We recently cut her hair and we both felt we had just cut away her little girl years and it made her a young lady right away.

At the same time we are seeing how the Lord is growing them as well into getting to know Him more and listening to Him and learning how to obey Him, which is very special. We are learning with them every day how to teach them in the way they should go and pray with faith that they will hold on to these values for the rest of their lives!!

Thank you for your prayers for our children, they surely need it in these years in which there are so many things happening in our societies that could influence them, but we believe the Word of the Lord in them will stand strong!!

Our children are a gift from the Lord and we cherish them!!

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