Plants and Air

My 5 year old during his science fair

My mommy heart is struggling...why you may ask when you look at this precious photo of my 5 year old son presenting what he has memorized for this years science fair at school. Well actually is just that....the memorization part....he has no clue what he is talking about, nitrogene, oxigen, helium, etc....all the elements that are in air. I don't even know those, little do I think about them when I breath the air God gave me on a daily basis. Lord is it my pride I need to deal with or is it really that important that my son remembers the basic elements of air to be able to breath in an out and know that the breath of God is the most life giving element there possibly could be to "air".

I guess I am just being challenged in this lifetime what my children are taught in school and most of all WHY they are taught this. Ok, we all go through school, learn our things about science, etc...but I have recently been challenged to teach my children that the most important thing of the science part is that they believe God is the creator of the Universe and that this amazing intelligent being named the "Almighty God" has taken 6 days to create this amazing place with all its scientific particles, elements etc....and that we can get to know this Creator God on a very personal basis and know that He asks of us.

I guess I am overreacting, am I? Let me know what you think if you are a mommy that has kids doing science fairs....I just pray that Luca will remember one thing "God breathed life into us....the most important element of AIR is GOD!!!
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  1. So true, the most important element is God. To help him see that the NItrogen, oxygen, it all was perfectly designed by our living God and that it was His breath that gave us life. We do science as my boys love it (especially Josh) as it is the study of God's creation and His magnificent creativity and power to put it all together!

    And your five year old is getting so big!

    Love you,


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