It has been a month

I know, it has been too long, a month to be exact and time just flew by. The reason being...the kids were out of school for 3 weeks starting early July and just returned back to school this last Monday. Then also we have this amazing event coming called "YWAM 50th celebration"...which our base is hosting for Central America and so there is a lot of work going on, which we are very very excited about and the base is looking so good, so wonderful, so amazing....!!!

God you are amazing by bringing the people you do, servants who are standing with us to make this celebration an honor to You!!!

But this means long days, full head and depending on Jesus. On top of this we are MOVING!!! Yes, we were able together with Giacomo's parents to build an apartment and in one month is is almost move in ready :). Well, YWAM style that is....unfinished in regular housing terms...but we can hot or running water yet, but parents are living next door so we have a shower there, kitchen is being poured as we speak, yes concrete, way more durable than wooden cabinets at least in this humid climate.

But the one thing we will have, lower monthly expenses and an amazing view of the city which gives us an amazing place to pray and intercede of our city and nation!

So all in all it has been a very busy month, but we are moving right ahead and we feel that we are right in the middle of God's will for our lives. We are seeing His hand in everything and we are holding on to His promises to see more young people get to know God, fall in love with Him get to know Him and obey Him in making Him known in this generation!!!!

Until all have heard for His glory until eternity!!!


  1. Excited for your new home! Sorry I'm not there to welcome you to the neighborhood!

    Hugs to you my friend,


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