Dutch fair in Costa Rica

Aren't they the cutest little "Dutch" kids...well not fully Dutch, but at least some. Every year after "Queens Day" the Dutch club here in Costa Rica organizes a Dutch fair with lots of wonderful goodies from holland including a good old fashion "flea market". This year our kids picked up Dutch books and a rabbit. I don't think the rabbit is from holland, but it is cute anyways. Of course Gioela was the one who bought it as she LOVES animals.

The little rabbit already bit mommy and Luca, but wouldn't do Gioela any harm. Now they are trying to sell popcorn and other things so they can have the money to feed the rabbit and keep its cage clean. Extra expenses that we didn't plan on spending, but what a joy to see the kids happy with their first real pet!!

I think it is part of a kids life to have a little animal to take care of. Gioela helped mommy today cleaning up the cage and all that comes with it, feeding it and letting it run outside.

THank you for sharing even in this fun moment of our family life!!
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