We love what we do...

It is just too exciting not to share. We love what we do. You know why? Because people are excited about getting to know Jesus. When we start looking at our lives in the light of the Truth, the Way and the Life, our lives become brighter, our lives start making more sense and our lives are filled with hope. You see, when you put your life against the mirror of the life of Jesus, your every day frustrations are nothing compared to what He went through. He came to give life...Christ in us the hope of Glory!!!

Our new DTS students are a great group. The first DTS from January is on outreach and God is just using them in different areas of the country to see people come to know Him. Costa Rica is being reached. And just this last Monday this new DTS with 9 students came with a hunger to know more about God, to know His truth, to know Jesus and follow in His footsteps. Their special focus is backpacking and extreme adventure and well let me tell you God is already speaking to them about the REAL adventure with Him. This journey we find ourselves on into the heart of God, getting to know Him, following Him and letting Him lead our lives.

We are just too excited for what God is doing and had to share this with you. In the next few days I will share more about what God is doing!!!


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