Traveling with daddy!!

A few weeks ago Giacomo felt to bring Luca with him on his next teaching trip and so this week as we told Luca that he got to go to Panama with daddy, he was asking everyday if it was THE day!!
Today, was the big day....Luca was so very excited, you can tell on his face on this photo that is why I had to share it. He didn't even bring any toys with him or at least didn't care what mommy put in his backpack.
The most important thing was going on an airplane with daddy!!

Will you pray for them this week? I pray that God even uses our little 5 year old boy to preach the Gospel, to share Jesus in his very own way. Pray that this will be a moment of remembrance for him. We miss them already and Gioeal really had to cry when we left them at the airport, which made me cry of course and so we both drove home from the airport crying, but it was all good when we got home. Ofcourse all three of us girls are sleeping in the same room this whole week. Tessa in her crib next to my bed and Gioela and me in the big bed!!! So fun!!!
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  1. Luca's smile in this picture is amazing!!! I know this will be a special week for him - and for you too with lots of girl time :) love you and miss you already!!!

  2. We are enjoying having them both here and I get to translate some this week for Giacomo and looking forward to that!



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