Reaching out to the homeless...

Life on the streets in San Jose!!

Last night I was talking to one of our staff members who is just an amazing young woman. Last year together with other she was able to get in touch with the Salvation Army in San Jose. They told us that they had to close down their building because of health reasons and the fact that the building was so run down. Well that is all we needed to hear to get started.

Youth With A Mission San Jose started getting teams and staff members to go downtown and help clean up this building so it could be used again.

When the day came that it was finished, the doors were once again opened and "soldiers" of the Salvation started receiving people who lived on the streets of San Jose. Now they have 8 people that live there full time, whom they are discipling.

Our team, under Christy's leadership is serving there every day, cleaning, doing devotionals and personal discipleship with the homeless.

One of the ladies that comes to the devotional is pregnant and will soon have a baby. Our next project will be to arrange a small baby shower for her. God is changing people's lives one day at a time and God is using a young woman from Mexico to lead this out and she is doing an amazing job!! Pray for her as she faces danger every day on the streets and even gets threatened every now and then by the homeless themselves. Thank you!!


  1. Rejoicing that the shelter is finished! and loving hearing about Christy's call being walked out in her life.

    Hugs to you,


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