Luca and daddy home again...

Luca's first trip with daddy was like a world trip for him. Going on an airplane, a boat, swimming in a pool, playing, eating lots of "fun" food...and learning the new song about a mosterd seed. As you can tell the trip of his life.

The boat trip was a great adventure and Giacomo realized he doesn't have sea-legs. He was still moving in bed that night, he said. On the other hand, Marjolein has worked on the Anastasis for a year on which they had the most terrible sail ever in the famous "Bay of Biscay" near France.

Giacomo was encouraged to have taught in the DTS there and to see the ship that the students will sail to Haiti with. Lots of work to be done, but with vision and our big God, who can be against us. So let's pray for those guys in panama!!!

When they returned Giacomo took the skaters helmets to the base and showed them to a bunch of the young guys at our base who will be serving the skateboard community here in San Jose and they were all too excited to be wearing those helmets.

Of course Luca was one of the most exciting ones as he is slowly, but surely becoming a really good skateboarder (of course I am a proud mommy speaking here :)).

So here enjoy this photo of our kids with the skateboard crew of YWAM San Jose!!


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