His sacrifice gave us our life

It seemed to be just an ordinary day. Jesus had just finished praying for Himself, His disciples and those who would believe in Him in the years to come. He took his disciples across the Kidron Valley to an olive grove there. I am sure the Angels were watching and looked at this scene as if it was just the normal time of the day to go there with His disciples, although one was missing, Judas, why was he not there?

The disciples didn't seem to notice anything different until there are some loud noises coming up the hill, it sounds like a lot of people talking and they are carrying torches. Soldiers, pharisees, the Chief Priest and they are holding weapons. What is going on, even the angels were asking themselves as they looked down.

"Who are you looking for?" Says Jesus with a calm voice (He already knew what was going on). We are looking for Jezus of Nazareth, I am He. They couldn't believe Him and as a result they drew back and fell to the ground. Disbelief that this would be Him made them fall to the ground, so they asked again and again Jesus answers that He is the one they are looking for.

Before they can take Jesus away Peter decides to take matters into His own hands, but Jesus looks him in the eye and lets him know that He will have to drink the cup that His Father has given Him.

The heavenlies are quiet, the disciples do not know what to say, they don't seem to understand. Could it be like this. Jesus starts His journey passed the places of judgement, but even in the end the governer of Rome can't find fault in Him and want to release Him.

But the people yell as loud as they can, CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM!! (john. 19:6)

Have we understood what He did for us, the road that He walked, the sins He took on Himself.

This week I was once again realizing, but maybe even for the first time to a deeper extent that my short comings, my daily mistakes, my insecurities, my behaviour that causes me to make the wrong choices, everything, really EVERYTHING He took on Himself on this day. He did it so I can go to Him today freely, so He can wash me clean and start all over.

Today is the day of a sacrifice, THE GREATEST sacrifice of all times, for us, so that we might live and have life everlasting and be free from the things that hold us in bondage on a daily basis. He wants us to be free, but to be free we need to understand the sacrifice, receive the sacrifice and in reponse we kneel before the cross and give ourselves back to Him and say "Lord not my will, but Yours be done in my life today. I want to be free".
His Sacrifice gave us our life!!


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